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HyperMap 2.0: Achieving High Performance Beyond the AGSB Classroom 24/7 20 Years Hence

Finally, an on-line GPS (Global Positioning System) to help navigate a hypermarketing 2.0 class in the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.

Now learning goes beyond the 4 walls of the AGSB classroom, and beyond the 15 meetings of the semester. Continuous learning 24/7 even after you finish the course, even after you complete your MBA, on your road to becoming the Most Valuable Brand that you can be, 20 years from now.
This Hyper-Map page has clickable links to different websites. Each task has a unique number to guide you.


0.2 START by knowing the road map
Here's an overview of this marketing management course:

0.4 ALIGN with a VISION
The Ateneo Hymn creatively summarizes what we should be: EAGLES coming down from the hill to engage the world. Be sure to listen to the audio by clicking on the slideshare presentation in this post.

First Things First: Tasks 1 to 10

1 REGISTER  on-line as a student
Use form #1 here

2  NOTIFY ON-LINE  In case you will ever be absent, late or undertime,
Use form #2 here

Do you exist on-line?

Create your individual accounts in google mail (gmail),,, and These accounts will be used for our class discussions and for submitting and grading student assignments.

4.2 BLOG
Integrate all your on-line communications.

4.4 SHARE/ REGISTER your BLOG url here... (ask to join Facebook group "Hyper2 Online". Application needs to be approved before you can post.)

In addition to 4B, Register your Student Blog "url" or "web address" here...

Go to Facebook and search for VCOACH. On the main page, look for the link where you can click "like".  Your "like" will help earn the Vcoach program sufficient numbers to earn its own customizable address and will also boost its organic search results. Click on the direct link below to go straight to vcoach
Direct link to VCOACH on Facebook 

Be a follower of Coach Bong's main site. Click on the link:  and then look for the follower section on the right hand side of the page (scroll down if you don't see it. there are at least 38 followers and their thumbnail pictures are shown.). If you set up your google account correctly, then your picture should also appear as a follower.

Why Linked In?

9 LAUNCH the Worlds's Most Important Brand

9.2 Add Heart and Soul to Your Personal Brand

10 JOIN the VIRTUAL CLASSROOM, PLAY by the rules and SUBMIT your requirements on-time and on-line. LEARN the BUSINESS VALUE of TIME


Second Gear: Tasks 11 to 20 

11 COMMUNICATE Effectively

11.2  TELL a compelling STORY
To be remembered, you need to tell a compelling unique, meaningful story...

12 LOVE Marketing
This is the main blog post. Be sure to read 12.2, 12.4 and 12.6 in conjunction with this blogpost. Follow all instructions including taking the on-line test.

12.2 Model Marketing 101

12.4 Draw on Tissue

12.6 Show and Tell: Apply to the Ateneo MBA

13 HYPERMARKET2 you and the brand with your name on it

14 LEARN why the Manny Pacquiao brand brings home the money

15 DISCOVER your "unlimited rice" and throw away your "no ice"

16 OPEN with a BANG


Third Round: Paradigm Shifts:  Tasks 21 to 30  

Watch a digital Christmas
Watch and comment on this blogpost about how the Web2.0 is Changing the World...

22 Learn from Kotler blog by blog

23 21st Century Marketing! View it in 3 dimensions...

24 Understand the guidelines for your own Kotler chapter assignment. Remember: there are 2 outputs required!

25 Submit your own Kotler assignment via email to Embed the assignment in your blog.

26 SHARE and LEARN from other hypermarketer's free for all!




Fourth Dimension: Tasks 31 to 40 

31 ASSESS Midterm
Provide feedback on the class and your performance.

32 LINK Strama and Markma

33 JUST DO IT: Use the 10 Step Marketing Plan

Fifth Term: Tasks 41 to 50 

41 The Shoe and The Lion: Differentiating the Optimist and the Pessimist

42 How Many Cows Sir, Mam?: Discovering Value Transformations

Going Senior: Tasks 51 to 60    

53 CASE Analysis using SPADER model

Getting Ready to Rumble: Tasks 61 to 70

63 MORE FUN! Branding a Country

65 TRANSFORMING Options into Necessities: The Love Card Example

Wimbledon Finals: Tasks 71 to 100   

75 Survive and Thrive with your Highly Personal High Performance 20 Year Hypermarketing2 Plan

76 First Things First! Why 20 Year Hypermarketing Plans Today?

80 Put your final updates on your individual blog embeds. Your blogs will serve as the final "quality" check before the final grade is given. Feel free to update any embeds to the latest and best version that you have. Pls. do this before the deadline given.

All the class requirements: brand launch, 20 year personal plan, 10 step product marketing plan, chapter reports, chapter questions, case analysis (if any) and special reports (if any) should be embedded in the blogs. Ensure that the embeds are optimized (save as Powerpoint 2007, also click on pictures in the presentation and click compress).

90 Answer "End of Class Survey"
Click this:
Scroll down to Form no. 4: End of Class Survey of url and expected grade
Click "submit" after filling up the form. If you did this correctly, an acknowledgment receipt screen will be shown.
This is absolutely important as this will be the final customer feedback mechanism on the grade that you will receive. If the difference between your expected grade and coach' grade is 0.5 or less, you will not receive a call or email. Otherwise, if grade differential is more than 0.5, coach will call or email you.

91 Transform like Voltes V

100 Send any questions to Prof. De Ungria by emailing For urgent messages, pls. feel free to text 0917-8571089. Pls. make sure to identify yourself in the SMS.

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