Friday, February 17, 2017

Hyper 3.0: Latest Hypermarketing Map

Finally, an on-line GPS (Global Positioning System) to help navigate a hypermarketing 2.0 class in the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.

Now learning goes beyond the 4 walls of the AGSB classroom, and beyond the 15 meetings of the semester. Continuous learning 24/7 even after you finish the course, even after you complete your MBA, on your road to becoming the Most Valuable Brand that you can be, 20 years from now.

This Hyper-Map page has clickable links to different websites. Each task has a unique number to guide you.


The Ateneo Hymn creatively summarizes what we should be: EAGLES coming down from the hill to engage the world. Be sure to listen to the audio by clicking on the slideshare presentation in this post.

Know How the Grading System Is and Choose the Route Which Best Fits Your Z...

First Things First: Tasks 1 to 10

Create your individual accounts in google mail (gmail),,, and These accounts will be used for our class discussions and for submitting and grading student assignments.

5 ZYX and MBO

Translate Course Objectives

7 LAUNCH the Worlds's Most Important Brand

8 BREATHE Heart and Soul to Your Personal Brand

9 JOIN the VIRTUAL CLASSROOM, PLAY by the rules and SUBMIT your requirements on-time and on-line. LEARN the BUSINESS VALUE of TIME


Second Gear: Tasks 11 to 20 

11 COMMUNICATE Effectively

11.2  TELL a compelling STORY
To be remembered, you need to tell a compelling unique, meaningful story...

12 LOVE Marketing

12.4 Draw on Tissue

12.6 Show and Tell: Apply to the Ateneo MBA

13 HYPERMARKET2 you and the brand with your name on it

14 LEARN why the Manny Pacquiao brand brings home the money

15 DISCOVER your "unlimited rice" and throw away your "no ice"

16 OPEN with a BANG



Third Round: Paradigm Shifts:  Tasks 21 to 30  


22  LINK IN ASSIGNMENT (Individual)
Why Linked In?


24 Understand the guidelines for your own Kotler chapter assignment. Remember: there are 2 outputs required!

26 SHARE and LEARN from other hypermarketer's free for all!


Integrate all your on-line communications.



Fourth Dimension: Tasks 31 to 40 

33 JUST DO IT: Use the 10 Step Marketing Plan

34 LEARN from earlier 10 Steps

35 DIAGNOSE with the  Marketing Stethoscope

38 TRUST but verify using TESTMOZ

Fifth Term: Tasks 41 to 50 
41 The Shoe and The Lion: Differentiating the Optimist and the Pessimist

42 How Many Cows Sir, Mam?: Discovering Value Transformations

Going Senior: Tasks 51 to 60    

53 CASE Analysis using SPADER model

Getting Ready to Rumble: Tasks 61 to 70

61 Primus for Optimal Learning

62  Play by The Score: Primus and PreWork Scoring Sheets and Samples

63 MORE FUN! Branding a Country

65 TRANSFORMING Options into Necessities: The Love Card Example

Wimbledon Finals: Tasks 71 to 100   

75 Survive and Thrive with your Highly Personal High Performance 20 Year Hypermarketing2 Plan

76 First Things First! Why 20 Year Hypermarketing Plans Today?

78 Top 10 Marketing-Based Action Plans after the Course

80 Put your final updates on your individual blog embeds. Your blogs will serve as the final "quality" check before the final grade is given. Feel free to update any embeds to the latest and best version that you have. Pls. do this before the deadline given.

All the class requirements: brand launch, 20 year personal plan, 10 step product marketing plan, chapter reports, chapter questions, case analysis (if any) and special reports (if any) should be embedded in the blogs. Ensure that the embeds are optimized (save as Powerpoint 2007, also click on pictures in the presentation and click compress).

90 Answer "End of Class Survey"
Click this:

Click "submit" after filling up the form. If you did this correctly, an acknowledgment receipt screen will be shown.
This is absolutely important as this will be the final customer feedback mechanism on the grade that you will receive. If the difference between your expected grade and coach' grade is 0.5 or less, you will not receive a call or email. Otherwise, if grade differential is more than 0.5, coach will call or email you.

91 Transform like Voltes V

100 Send any questions to Prof. De Ungria by emailing For urgent messages, pls. feel free to text 0917-8571089. Pls. make sure to identify yourself in the SMS.

In addition to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, new on-line platforms have come-up that have met specific niche demands of the market.

The demand? Have a visual hypermap to see the latest versions of the class lectures.
This complements the existing hypermaps that can be found above.

The new answer (service): Pinterest

Check it out:

Friday, September 3, 2010

Learning Marketing Concepts Blog by Blog

How do you eat an elephant? Piece by piece!

How do you learn 220 marketing concepts from Kotler? Blog by Blog...

Who is Philip Kotler? He is considered by some as the father of modern day marketing and considered as the world's foremost expert on marketing.

Finally, Vcoach has discovered the appropriate technology to "progressively" build the learning experience. Topics were grouped under the 7 tasks of Marketing for the 21st Century. (This is based on the way Philip Kotler did it for his marketing textbook: "Marketing Management", 13th edition.   Here are the blog by blog links...

1. Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans

2. Capturing Marketing Insights and Performance
Gathering Information and Scanning the Environment
Conducting Market Research and Forecasting Demand

3. Connecting with Customers
Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction and Loyalty
Analyzing Consumer Markets
Analyzing Business Markets
Identifying Market Segments and Targets

4. Building Strong Brands
Creating Brand Equity
Crafting the Brand Positioning
Dealing with Competition

5. Shaping the Market Offerings
Setting Product Strategy
Designing and Managing Services
Developing Pricing Strategies and Programs

6a Delivering Value
Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Channels
Managing Retailing, Wholesaling and Logistics

6b. Communicating Value
Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications
Managing Mass Communications: Advertising, sales Promotions, Events and Experiences, and Public Relations
Managing Personal Communications: Direct and Interactive Marketing, Word of Mouth and Personal Selling

7. Creating Successful Long-Term Growth
Introducing New Market Offerings
Tapping into Global Markets
Managing a Holistic Marketing Organization for the Long Run

Blogs created  and continuously updated  by Prof. Remigio Joseph "Bong" De Ungria of the marketing cluster of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business,  under the username.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trust But Verify! Rewarding Excellent and Timely Effort

One of the most frustrating experiences I frequently had as a student was that I felt that effort was not easily recognized or appropriately rewarded.  There were times that doing nothing would produce the same grade as trying hard. Reading the book before class was not measured. Sometimes common sense could pull me through a recitation or a quiz.

The Testmoz is an on-line testing tool that has proven useful as a reward-for-effort student activity. It does not require memorization. It is an open notes, open-time, multiple choice type of quiz. It also allows the student a relative wide period to actually prepare and take the test. Learning questions are carefully developed and asked. And what is measured is the effort put by the student into reading the lecture notes or blogpost or assigned blogpost.

It was said that during the height of the cold war when the US was still negotiating with then USSR on the reduction of nuclear weapons, then President Ronald Reagan said that the correct approach was TRUST, but VERIFY!

Students are reminded to always log-in using this format: 2 digit class number, family name and nickname.  For example: 03 De Ungria, Bong if I had a student number of 3.

To get full credit for the testmoz, complete the test before the class starts at 6 pm. The testmoz system will automatically document what time you completed 1 test. You can take the test multiple times but I will take your last score. If you miss the 6 pm deadline,  then you get no credit regardless of the score.

The testmoz items will not always be open. A few days before its due date, a post at the  class FB page shall indicate the password to the assigned testmoz.

Here are the testmoz links

Reward 1: I Love Marketing

Reward 2: Business Value of Time

Reward 3: Kotler Ch1 to Ch3

Reward 4: Kotler Ch4 to Ch7

Reward 5: Kotler Ch8 to Ch11

Reward 6: Kotler Ch12 to Ch15

Reward 7: Kotler Ch16 to Ch18

Reward 8: Kotler Ch19 to Ch22

Reward 9: 22P Marketing Stethoscope

Reward 10: 10 Step Marketing Plan

Friday, October 16, 2009


Ateneo. Primus Interpares. First Among Equals. Vision-driven Nation-building.

Yes, we are equals. But I invite you to step forward and join hands as Men for Others.

What's vcoach? Vision-driven continuous achievement. For us, for our families, our companies, our nation.

When we vcoach each other during class, we all learn. 

When we inspire friends to greatness, we pull ourselves up our own Everest.

When we  innovate for strangers, we create unique opportunities for people we care and love.

When we help people improve their lives, we fulfill our own mission.

When we vcoach, we are helping build our nation.   First. Among Equals. (vCoach Bong De Ungria, Oct. 2009)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Permanently Present!

Since 1997, I have been blessed with the privilege of coaching MBA students of  the Ateneo Graduate School of Business in Makati and Cebu and soon, the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health in Pasig. As of 2009, I have "challenged" and "inspired"more than 1,300 students to improve their personal brands.

For all these years, I have continuously upgraded the learning systems I share with my students particularly the lecture files and templates. Evolving from hardcopies, to softcopies in CDs, to softcopies sent via email or shared in googlegroups, here is a way of permanent presence- files on the web...24/7 availability not just to one class but for future and past classes as well.

I hope this continues to inspire my team of students to be the best brands they are destined to be. (Prof. Remigio De Ungria, Oct. 2009)