Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trust But Verify! Rewarding Excellent and Timely Effort

One of the most frustrating experiences I frequently had as a student was that I felt that effort was not easily recognized or appropriately rewarded.  There were times that doing nothing would produce the same grade as trying hard. Reading the book before class was not measured. Sometimes common sense could pull me through a recitation or a quiz.

The Testmoz is an on-line testing tool that has proven useful as a reward-for-effort student activity. It does not require memorization. It is an open notes, open-time, multiple choice type of quiz. It also allows the student a relative wide period to actually prepare and take the test. Learning questions are carefully developed and asked. And what is measured is the effort put by the student into reading the lecture notes or blogpost or assigned blogpost.

It was said that during the height of the cold war when the US was still negotiating with then USSR on the reduction of nuclear weapons, then President Ronald Reagan said that the correct approach was TRUST, but VERIFY!

Students are reminded to always log-in using this format: 2 digit class number, family name and nickname.  For example: 03 De Ungria, Bong if I had a student number of 3.

To get full credit for the testmoz, complete the test before the class starts at 6 pm. The testmoz system will automatically document what time you completed 1 test. You can take the test multiple times but I will take your last score. If you miss the 6 pm deadline,  then you get no credit regardless of the score.

The testmoz items will not always be open. A few days before its due date, a post at the  class FB page shall indicate the password to the assigned testmoz.

Here are the testmoz links

Reward 1: I Love Marketing

Reward 2: Business Value of Time

Reward 3: Kotler Ch1 to Ch3

Reward 4: Kotler Ch4 to Ch7

Reward 5: Kotler Ch8 to Ch11

Reward 6: Kotler Ch12 to Ch15

Reward 7: Kotler Ch16 to Ch18

Reward 8: Kotler Ch19 to Ch22

Reward 9: 22P Marketing Stethoscope

Reward 10: 10 Step Marketing Plan

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